Primary and secondary ram slots

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18 Mar 2019 ... Primary storage, or memory, means the space on your hard drive ... be increased in most computers by using the expandable memory slots. SOLVED: Can you have uneven memory in the two memory slots ... To clarify things here: Yes, you can have different sized SIMMs in the slots as long as each meets the needed speed for the given model. Cisco UCS C220/C240/B200 M5 Memory Guide 15 Apr 2019 ... Chan J. Chan L. Chan M. F1. F2. CPU 1. Slot 2. Slot 1. Slot 2. Slot 1. H2 H1. J2. J1 ... If a memory read from primary DIMM returns incorrect data ... retrieves the data from the secondary DIMM in the mirrored pair. Thus, an error ...

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4GB DDR4 RAM 1TB SATA HDD NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5 15.6" FHD IPS Display Windows 10 Home So, my laptop has an empty slot and i want to add another 8gb ram to make it 12gb ram in total, (I checked the compatibility, this 8gb ram matches my laptop's memory in not primary slots? | Tom's Hardware Forum (there are four slots, 2 primary yellow and 2 secondary) I currently have installed an corsair 1gb in the second primary slot and I was thinking about getting an gb extra but I'm not sure whetever it is possible, and safe , to insert it in one of secondary Computer data storage - Wikipedia This traditional division of storage to primary, secondary, tertiary and off-line storage is also guided by cost per bit. In contemporary usage, "memory" is usually semiconductor storage read-write random-access memory, typically DRAM (dynamic RAM) or