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Psychological treatments for gambling disorder Carla J Rash, Nancy M Petry Department of Medicine, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT, USA Abstract: This review discusses the research evidence for psychological …

Operationalizing Peer Support. Peer based recovery support services in Washington State such as Certified Peer Counseling and Recovery Coaching has grown exponentially in the last five years. These services have arisen as an enhancement to professionally- directed addiction and mental health treatment. Building a Peer-to-Peer Multiplayer Networked Game In the non-authoritative group, there is no central entity and every peer (game) controls its game state. In a peer-to-peer (P2P) approach, a peer sends data to all other peers and receives data from them, assuming that information is reliable and correct (cheating-free): Non-authoritative implementation using P2P architecture. Betolio is building a socially responsible, peer-to-peer ... With gambling, there is almost always the “house” that creates the odds, which are created purposefully in the house’s favor. So in 2016, McCoy and his two co-founders, Christoffer Johansson and Michael Weber, created Betolio – a social, peer-to-peer betting app. Cyberdice: peer-to-peer gambling in the presence of cheaters

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Journal of Gambling Issues The Journal of Gambling Issues (JGI) is the world's first and longest-running online, academic journal dedicated to understanding problem gambling and gaming. The journal provides a scientific forum for developments in research, policy issues, and treatments. The JGI is open-access, peer-reviewed and indexed/abstracted. Peer support | Washington State Health Care Authority Peer counseling is provided by certified peer counselors who have met state requirements, taken the approved class, and passed the state test. The duties of a peer counselor vary widely, but they are all based on the effectiveness of assistance and support from people with shared life experience who are living in recovery.

Member Help System. In Peer to Peer Donation Script member side have dashboard, profile information, referrals, referral link, donation, support messages, member bonus, news.Registration Bonus easy to share sites with your friends simply refer them your referral ID and start earning amount.

Adding to the flurry of gambling news of late, the Washington Court of Appeals issued a decision today that found peer-to-peer betting company ( did not violate Washington state gambling laws. The court runs through some other issues underlying the statute, but the net result is that Betcha is off the hook... for now. Read more...

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Of course, in order for P2P money transfers to work, the sender’s and recipient’s P2P account needs to be linked to a bank or credit card account. And that’s where fraudsters come in. How do fraudsters exploit P2P money transfer services? As you may have guessed, fraudsters find P2P money transfer services extremely lucrative. Free P2P File Sharing Utilities - Lifewire